Technology we use in dentistry

Intraoral dental camera(you can see the same as we do):

intraoralna kamera - stomatoloska ordinacija gentle touch

A small camera that the dentist uses during the examination in order to better present you the situation in your oral cavity.

The camera enables the patient to get informed about the situation in his oral cavity and to be an active participant in the dental procedure. It helps the dentist by increasing the objects on the screen during the examination or intervention.


Digital display


Allows the dentist to show you the results or the status before and after intervention.

digitalni apex lokator snimanje zuba

Apx Locator

It is an apparatus used in endodontic treatment of teeth (root canal treatment of teeth). It enables the accurate measuring of the length of the canal in order for it to be properly processed and in the end completely filled. In that way the possibility of transferring the material out of the canal is prevented and possible complications that might arise are avoided.


Digital X-ray for tooth imaging

Enables x-raying of teeth with a neglectable dosis of radiation and the immediate display in excellent quality. It also reduces the time from x-raying to obtaining the picture.

rengen za snimanje zuba

The materials we use in dentistry


Materials of the latest generation and of renowned manufacturers are used in our dental studio. We are up-to-date with the latest market trends and with high quality materials and the continious education throuhg which our staff is constantly improved, we are qualified to provide you the highest quality of dental services.

Remineralization dental tissue

In the framework of the prevention programme we offer a preventive dental service of remineralization of the tooth tissue. We can alleviate or completely remove the white-chalky stains on a tooth depending on the degree of their intensity.

This treatment is also recommended for people who had their teeth bleached, those wearing orthodontic appliances, as well as those with a higher degree of risk of caries.